A Real Beauty Tutorial!


If you’re anything like me, you spend hours watching makeup how-to tutorials on YouTube, amazed at the end results and not understanding why you aren’t always magically transformed after following along.  So when I was invited to the launch of the brand new Map My Beauty app, I couldn’t wait to go.

First of all, the founder and CEO, Annabella Daily, is the genius behind Sephora’s “Pocket Contour” class, which uses the same proprietary beauty analysis and makeup-mapping technology.  This allows you to get not just the generic tutorial on how to achieve a specific look, but exactly how and where to apply on your very own face!  Plus, some of the looks themselves are created by makeup wizard Jordan Liberty (you know, the guy with 34 million views on YouTube).

Here’s how it works: after downloading the app, you snap two selfies – one with eyes open and one with eyes closed.  You “draw” exactly where some markers are on your face, like your eyelid crease, just so the software knows exactly what it’s looking at.  


After answering a few questions about your skin and coloring, you’re done.  Now you can freely navigate through the app to find looks you want and the products to achieve them.  And the best part is, it’s using YOUR face to show you how to do it!  It literally can’t get any easier.  


When you first use it, you might not have the particular products being used in your tutorial, so you can obviously practice with what you already own.  But naturally, it shows you the specific products and colors being used, so it’s super easy to click and buy the products for each look.  And in a similar vein to Sephora, the looks aren’t all brand-specific.  You can find looks that use products from all its partner brands, or you can go into the “Beauty Counter” of any brand and find looks from just that product line.


As of now, Map My Beauty has teamed up with four luxury indie makeup brands, each of which offers something innovative and unique in its own way.

  • Katherine Cosmetics are long-lasting (the Everyday Eyeliner is waterproof) and made for the sporty chic woman-on-the-go.
  • The Evelyn Iona line  is all natural, vegan, organic, synthetic and preservative-free – basically good enough to eat!
  • Gallany Cosmetics is all about unique formulas and beautiful textures, and the 76 year-old founder is the legendary mix master behind some of the biggest brands in the business (think Max Factor and Stila, among others).
  • MAKE Beauty offers a wide-ranging palette, that gives you an artistic, impactful pop of color.

The app is free in the iTunes store- the only question is, how soon are you going to download it?

For more info, go to mapmybeauty.com

To download the app, click here

Jess xo



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