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I started the Be Hip and Healthy blog as a source of inspiration to anyone and everyone who is looking to live a fun and fabulous life, and especially for those who sometimes feel like they’re the “in-between” crowd – wanting to incorporate health and wellness, wanting to look and feel great, but not necessarily able (or willing) to cut out all of their vices. That’s me, and I know I’m not the only one! I love looking great but I’m not always motivated to hit the gym. I love eating healthy but I might also love Diet Sunkist and Swedish Fish (well, any kind of candy, really – are you judging me?). I love feeling good and balanced but I also love a fun night out filled with cocktails.

Over time I have found my “just right” combo that allows me to have fun in all the ways I want, while also incorporating natural solutions into almost every area of my life and my family’s. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to live a life of all or nothing. It’s ok if you aren’t a fitness junkie or a wellness zealot – that doesn’t mean you are totally unhealthy and can’t bring natural remedies like essential oils (my obsession) into your life and home.

There are a lot of philosophical discussions these days about having it all, and the truth is, it just means different things to different people. And I think that when it comes to your own personal lifestyle, you can have all of the things you want. You just can’t be held back by feeling like you’re not living up to anyone else’s expectations. Be who you are! Be yourself! Be hip and healthy!

Jess xo